Coins and gold are considered as asserts of DD Tank game world. League is competition among the players to win. Even a player can create a league, it is very simple. For creating a league it is necessary that the player should have reached the level 5 of the game on the DD Tank game. For creating a league the player have to pay 50000 gold. The player who creates the league is known as the Chairman of the league. Creating a league is very simple, just ddtank provide the name by which you want your league to known and click ok button to create the league.

Once the league is created the players start joining the league to play the games of the league. For joining the league it is required that the applications are filled by the players on the league application interface. Players can also join the league by the invitation of other league members for joining the league. A particular player can participate only in one league at a period of time. In the league form there will ddtank be information about many leagues, the player have to select only one of them and then click the submit button to complete the applying process for a league.